The Black Book Interview Project, London

The Black Book Interview Project

Anna Bates, Hannah Barton, Revital Cohen, Beatrice Galilee, Elizabeth Glickfield, Janna Graham, Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, Julia Lohmann, Burn Kim, Pete Maxwell, Steven Ounanian, Jerszy Seymour, Faye Toogood + guests

Co-curated by Dani Admiss and Gillian Russell

Is current discourse on design failing design?

The Black Book Interview Project is an ongoing programme that aims to foster a culture of independent design critique, by creating various testing grounds for the praxis of design discourse to occur.

The inaugural edition was presented as a series of conversations held in a London gallery space over the course of one day. A handful of designers were given an hourly slot in which to host a critical conversation. Each of the dialogues were autonomous, derived from the designer’s own interests and choice of interlocutor.

A selection of writers and designers were also invited to document the days events, responding to them through various modes and means, including live transcription, design writing, journalism, illustration and cartography.

The documentation was then compiled into a physical journal to be used, rejected, or responded to.

To view the publication online here.

The Black Book Interview Project understands that dialogue is fundamental to developing a critique for contemporary design.  Standing for an investment in the production, distribution and circulation of critical and speculative design thinking the intention of the project is to contribute to contemporary conceptual and critical design research and practice. It is local not global, it is for emerging design practice, not leading industry professionals, and it is about difference and independence, not sovereignty and commercialisation.







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